NEW Registration Software for Little Art House

We appreciate your patience while we make this transition!

Once you’ve created you and/or you child’s profile, you’ll be all set to register with ease :)

Getting Started

To begin, visit wellness living website to create or complete your profile.

Create a new account, then you’ll sign the Terms & Conditions waiver and complete your profile. (If you have a an account with Wellness Living already, you can switch to Little Art House.)

Below is more information and troubleshooting!

Creating Profiles for Kids

If you are registering for your child, please add them to your account (slide 1) or use their name on the profile with your information, including your card info (slide 2). If you have multiple kiddos, you’ll need to register each of them separately so they appear on the rosters correctly but you will still have your’s as the main for payment (slide 3 & 4). After that, you’ll just need to switch profiles when registering for weekly classes. For drop in classes, you can just purchase the class or membership on they’re profile and then you can just be added when you show up to class :)

Once the credit card info and profiles are set up, you can always email us if you’re having trouble registering and we can get them set up for you!


Booking Weekly Kids Classes

Please make sure you are under your child’s profile when registering (see above). You can find the class packs or single classes from the tabs on top (slide 1). For discounted class packs, you must purchase before the class pack begins. After the first week of each class pack, single classes will be available at full price. The Class Pack in session will have Single Class options & the upcoming Class Pack session will be available for the full 6wks @ a discount.

If you are searching through the Wellness Living website, you can determine the day you're selecting beneath the general description (slide 2). To view days later in the week, simply scroll down, as they are listed in order of the week.


Booking Drop In Kids Classes

For Drop In Classes, you can select purchasing a single visit or purchase the membership. If you purchase a membership, you can continue to use that for classes moving forward. Memberships automatically expire after 3months. If you have a membership you can just show up to be added to the class or you can book the class in advance to reserve your spot! These are viewed as a calendar for booking future classes.

Drop In Classes.png

Booking Adult Classes & Kids Camps

Similar to the weekly kids classes, you can find the class packs or single classes from the tabs on top (slide 1). If you are searching through the Wellness Living website, you can determine the day you're selecting beneath the general description (slide 2). To view events further out on the schedule, simply scroll down as they are listed in by dates.


Adding Credit Card to Profile

Below is how you can add your credit card to your profile for future use (slide 1)! Please be sure any kids or other profiles connected to yours are set for you as the person responsible for payment (slide 2)


Updating Email Preferences

There are multiple automated emails set for each profile. You can however go in and choose to not receive certain communications such as reminders for classes/events, review requests, etc. Simply follow the slides below and you can choose for your profile as well as your kiddos! Please note that Adult Classes, Weekly Kids Classes & Kids Camps are all technically “Events” while all Drop In Classes are “Classes”.


Sending Gift Cards

When purchasing a gift card, it will prompt you to email it to the recipient. There is also the option to print it as well if you’d rather give it physically! We also have little gift bag you can give with for purchases of $40 or more. That’s available to pick up in studio but do check that we’re open as our hours vary!


Unable to View Page

If you are experiencing issues viewing the calendar or class as seen below, try clearing your browser's cache/history. It should solve this point. Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for the detailed instructions. If the issue still persists please let us know.

Unable to view page on Safari.png

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