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WATERCOLOR 101 with Sarah Arace

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Watercolor with Sarah.jpg

WATERCOLOR 101 with Sarah Arace

from 50.00

Tuesdays, June 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th, 7-9pm Advanced Registration Required

$160 - 4 Part Series, Series purchase includes a set of two Ebony Splendor brushes! (6 round and 12 round)

$50 - Individual Class

Join Sarah as she reviews the basics to help you understand the world of watercolor.

Class #1: Sarah will instruct and review all things watercolor such as paint pans versus tube paints, watercolor pencils, various brushes and their uses, different types of paper and their qualities, and more! You WILL BE practicing different methods on paper your first evening.

Class #2: Dive deeper into painting techniques using masking fluid, blending, blotting, different brushwork, and practice what materials can go under watercolor to imply texture.

Class #3: This class is dedicated to the use of value, shape, and color to create the illusion of form and to find your personal means of watercolor expression. You will also experiment using other mediums over watercolor.

Class #4: Working from a personal image (NOT a portrait, a still life, landscape, etc. recommended), Sarah will help you take all that you have learned and help you begin a painting of your own with guidance and confidence boosting advice from the teacher!

This class requires at least 3 registrants to make.  If it does not make, we will adjust the time to reflect a private/semi private lesson option or you can choose a full refund.

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