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FAMILY FUN NIGHTS with Sheri Bailey

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FAMILY FUN NIGHTS with Sheri Bailey

from 25.00

Fridays, 4:30-6:00pm

September, 21st- Football Door Hangers, Let's get together and paint a door hanger in support of your favorite football team. Participants will paint the door hanger, the holes will be predrilled and the jute or wire will be included. Colors of their favorite team can be incorporated with various embellishments like ribbon and more!

October 12th- Spooky Halloween Wreath, Halloween is here so let's make a spooky wreath.  Participants will make a simple but cute and spooky Halloween wreath with Halloween colors and fun ribbon and embellishments.   This wreath will be a bit smaller than the traditional wreath so it can be completed in a shorter time period. 

November 16th - Fall Door Hangers,  Let's have some fun and paint a fall door hanger together. Participants will paint a fall door hanger, holes will be predrilled and jute and/or wire will be provided.  It will include a traditional fall theme and colors!

December 21st - Snowmen Decorations, Winter is here.  So let's celebrate it by making a snowman together. Participants will use wire caging to create a fun snowman.  The size will be smaller than a taller tomato cage size and the snowman will be embellished with scarves, hats, pipes, and more!

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