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Family Fridays! Storytelling and Artmaking with Marla Faith

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Family Fridays! Storytelling and Artmaking with Marla Faith


Select Fridays, 4:30-5:30pm

Join guest teacher Marla Faith for one or more of her Family Fridays as she demonstrates the joy of storytelling and artmaking together. This class is designed for parent/guardian PAIRS- each child should be with one adult, and each will create their own artwork. It is a wonderful experience for those looking to spend some special time together! Ages 4 to 9 yrs recommended, special requests may be emailed to us in advance. 

September 28th // The Quiltmaker’s Gift // Mandala Making

Ms. Faith will tell this wonderful story, and then each participant will make their own ‘quilt’ square using markers to create beautiful individual symmetrical designs. Mandalas are an ancient design form built from the center outward using simple shapes that become a magical whole. They are similar to intricate quilt squares.

October 19th // The Golden Goose King // Making Flying Birds

Ms. Faith will tell this lovely jataka tale, and then participants will draw and color their own magnificent birds, cut them out, and turn them into 3 dimensional paper sculptures to suspend from the ceiling. Photographic samples of all kinds of birds will be available, and participants will be encouraged and guided to create their own unique versions.

November 9th // The Elephant and the 7 Blind Mice // Painting Elephants

Ms. Faith will tell this story (book by Ed Young) from India, and then participants will create their own elephant paintings. Participants will learn how simple shapes can create anything (even an elephant!) and how to mix and blend colors to create form and realism in a landscape setting.

December 7th // Eric Carle’s A Home for Hermit Crab // Creating Tissue Paper Beach Collages

Ms. Faith will read this story, and show how to make a picture using colored tissue papers, similar to how Eric Carle made his illustrations. Participants will create water, sand, shells, and beach creatures in a seascape collage by drawing, cutting, and gluing colored papers.

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