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Family Masterpieces

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Family Masterpieces

from 100.00

April 5th and May 24th, 4:30-6:00

If you have been looking for an opportunity for your whole family to create together, look no further! We are excited to introduce our Family Art Masterpiece classes where each participant can actively work on the same large canvas or set of canvases that can be displayed proudly in the home upon completion. Using mixed media (paint, papers, and glue), all ages from one years old to adult can work on parts together. With help from the teacher, you will create a unique abstract work of art. Depending on the age of the participants, class will last from one to two hours. Upon completion, canvases will dry at the studio and a clear, gloss coat will be applied to increase sustainability and bring out the colors in the work. You can opt in to pay for a home delivery or an in-studio pick up the week after class. Families can choose between the following size options and prices below!

Single Canvas - Up to four participants can work on this one canvas together.

Two Canvases - Can be displayed as a diptych. Up to four or five participants can work on these two canvases together.

Three Canvases - Can be displayed as a triptych. Up to six participants can work on these three canvases together.

One 24X24, $100

Two 16x16, $125

Three 12X24, $150

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