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Acrylic with Doug.jpg



Thursday, April 11th, May 16th, or June 6th, , 7:00-9:00pm, Advance Registration Required

Class Fee, $60 + Materials Fee, $15

In this class we will use color to spark emotion and most importantly have you create a color scheme that works in your home. With a few simple and linear brush strokes this class will provide an individual, not to mention an original piece of artwork that's all your own.

Before taking this class we ask that you have an idea of the color scheme you desire. Knowing this in advance will get your wheels spinning and then...we are halfway there!

Abstracts like these tend to spark emotions in people because movement and color are born in nostalgia. Nostalgia is art. Creating a memory and feeling of a place, person, or time. On the walls where we reside provide blank potential for things that truly make us happy. Let me direct you to that perfect feeling we all revere but rarely have the ability to reflect on. Let's color some emotion!

As a self-taught, Nashville artist, Douglas uses nostalgia and bright color work to create the memory of a person, place, or time. He uses thin layers of acrylic on wood to create texture and further transport the viewer to a moment in the past.

Participants will spend their class learning and creating a work similar to his that will be worth framing and displaying when finished. Join us!

More information about Douglas can be found on his website.

**Bring a snack, appetizer or dinner to enjoy while you work. For those of age, feel free to BYOB! :)

This class requires at least 3 registrants to make.  If it does not make, we will adjust the time to reflect a private/semi private lesson option or you can choose a full refund.

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