Grateful for 2018!! We're ringing in 2019 with NEW Session III Schedule and Adult Classes

Looking back at 2018, we could not be more grateful and filled to the brim with full hearts and creative souls.  This is all due to our fellow artists and creatives who help make Little Art House possible. This year, we experienced quite a few growth spurts: increasing our team from a handful of teachers to over 20, running simultaneous summer camps in the studio and at other schools, participating in wonderful events in our neighborhood (including a Hillsboro Village Holiday and the Fannie Mae Dees Park Dragon Reveal to name a couple) and Leighton is even the lead for the neighborhood group of local businesses!

All that amazingness doesn’t even include the joy we’ve experienced in the studio.  We loved adding classes for homeschooled kiddos during the mid-afternoon. So much so, we’re adding a couple more for Session III!  We’ll have an Explorers class for 5th-8th grade on Wednesdays from 1-2pm and additional section of K-3rd on Fridays too! Same goes for Petite Painters (new class on Mondays & additional section on Tuesdays).  Another class that is always exciting and rewarding (for the student & the teacher) is our Portfolio Building class. We’re adding another section to Thursdays in Session III as well as bringing back our K-2nd class, Courageous Creatives, on Thursdays as well!  Check out our line up here!

On top of that, we’ve revamped our Adult Classes a little bit too!  We have single classes or class series, which include 2-4 classes. They are designated respectively on our Adults Page and you can easily view the medium you’ll be working with from our new look for 2019 :)

In these past few months, we’ve had a number of private events which is another exciting new avenue for creating in the studio!  Form corporate events, family get-togethers, or just a few friends who want some quality time together, we loved planning each and every event just for to be exactly what they wanted.  You may not have a full plan or idea but that’s what we’re here for! If your interested in having some creative time in the studio with friends, family or co-work ers, simply email us and we can plan it together!  Our only limit is scheduling, so the earlier the better for working out your event :)

Happy Holidays!

In just a few days, we’ll make the quick drive back down to Columbia for the holidays and we are definitely excited. Some traditions have remained the same, some have changed, but one thing that will always be part of our holiday is spending time together (preferably in stretchy pants).

When we were little, we’d go to the 6:00pm service on Christmas Eve, sing a beautiful rendition of Silent Night and light candles, and then pick up some food and drive around to see Christmas lights. Columbia isn’t famous like some towns for light displays, but it wasn’t the lights that made this time special - it was being together (though getting to stay up late and eat was part of the fun too). Christmas morning always came FAST since our older brother refused to sleep past 6:00am even in high school- he’s still an early bird to this day :). We would hear our parents, aunt, and grandparents downstairs moving around while we hovered around upstairs waiting for the call to “come on down, Santa’s been here!”.   We’d start down the steps but every year we’d have to stop halfway down for the traditional “PJ picture” while we excitedly tried to see over our parents’ heads to see what Santa brought. We would then spend the rest of the day playing and eating and playing some more before we headed out to our grandparents’ houses for other celebrations.

The holidays have always been a whirlwind of fun and great conversations supported by movie breaks and naps. A fire always seems to be going in the fireplace, candy is everywhere, and responsibilities are minimal. We realize as adults now that our parents intentionally created a safe and special holiday break for us and while we may not have worked much, they certainly were. Now, we join in on the cooking and baking, the gift idea brainstorming, and other parts of Christmas that magically were done when we were little. As grownups, we spend more time talking and playing games than ever before and are building new memories that will continue as our family continues to grow. As everyone says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and we definitely agree! We hope you and your family and friends have a beautiful holiday together and we look forward to seeing you as the New Year comes around!

Family Art for the New Year!

We realized we had a uniquely creative upbringing when we started sharing with others all of the activities our mom designed such as hand drawn coloring sheets personalized to our interests. Looking back, we think “HOW did she do that with three kids only one year apart?” and are in awe of her ability to multi-task.

We strongly remember a coloring sheet that had to do with dinosaurs and how much fun it was to color that in. We have several other examples but perhaps what really mattered most from these activities and moments is that she was creating for and WITH us.

She’d show us how to color in a different way or how to rearrange a collage or how to add different details as we grew up. Our dad created with us in a very different way through writing, but we have strong memories of working with him as well and all of these memories are positive. With this idea of creating together in mind, we wanted to develop an opportunity for other families to do so - not only a family-friendly event but also one that is designed to give the artists a project they can proudly display afterwards.

We are excited to introduce our new Family Art classes where families of all age ranges can come together to create on a single canvas or multiple canvases intended to be displayed as diptychs or triptychs. These projects will be abstract mixed media pieces using paint, drawing mediums such as oil pastel and pen, and paper, and created through layers over an hour or two depending on the ages of the participants. We highly encourage whole families to create together much like sitting down to the dinner table together.

You may not feel like you have a creative bone in your body but if you can move your fingers, we can help you create something beautiful together! To start, we have our first opportunity to take this class on December 29th and this first class will be guided as an opportunity to design a work of art either to remember 2018 by or a work of art with dreams for 2019. We will guide you through the planning and implementing of each layer and help you along the way. We hope to see you soon!

AND have you heard about our create your own class option??  If you have some kiddos who are antsy to get out of the house, or family in town and looking for something fun to do together, we’ve got you covered - let’s create at the studio! You can choose what you’d like to do or we can help you come up with a project :)

Session II Round Up!

Session II has been even bigger than we could have imagined!  With our new, mid-afternoon classes for homeschool students and kids with flex schedules, we have seen a whole new surge in artists.  Those classes range from K-3rd, 2nd-5th and soon to be 5th-8th grade. These classes are so sweet and it’s another way for us to deliver art education for students who are just ready to soak it up and create!

Students in our Portfolio Building classes for both 3rd-5th & 6th-12th grade are really finding their artistic voices.  It is so fun to see them explore different mediums and even begin to hone in on specific areas to explore more complex art concepts.  The capacity for higher level thinking, self-esteem building, and friendships developing is something to be admired in these classes.

And finally, our littles in the morning are as cute and curious as ever!  We have had lots of new and old kiddos join this session. So much so we’ll be adding two more Petite Painters sections for Session III.  Some of these artists may be ready to graduate from Mini Makers to Petite Painters, and others are really getting the hang of the class structure and practicing their motor skills to create :)

With all the overflowing creative and engaging fun we’ve been experiencing at the studio, we’re ready to add even MORE classes and class sections.  Below are all the additions and a few slight changes to Session III schedule.


Mini Makers, 1-4yrs. // TUES, WED, THURS, 9-9:45am

Petite Painters, 2-3yrs. // MON, TUES, WED, THURS,10:!5-11am & TUES, 11:15am-12pm

Explorers, K-3rd Grade // FRI 12:15-1:15pm & 1:30-2:30pm

Explorers, 2nd-5th Grade // TUES, 2-3pm

Explorers, 5th-8th Grade //  WED, 1-2pm

Awesome Artists, 3-6yrs. // TUES, WED, THURS, 3:30-4:15pm

Courageous Creatives, K-2nd Grade // THURS, 4:30-5:30pm

Portfolio Building, 3rd-5th Grade // TUES, 4:30-5:30pm or 5:30-6:30pm & THURS, 5:30-6:30pm

Portfolio Building, 6th-12th Grade // MON, 3:30-5pm or 5-6:30pm & WED, 4:30-5:30pm or 5:30-6:30pm


Drop In, Creative Play, 10mo-3yrs. // FRI 9-9:45am, 10-10:45am & SAT, 9-9:45am

Drop In, Art Class, 4-12yrs. // SAT, 10:15-11am & 11:15am-12pm

Building Houses & Creating Memories

You may have heard us mention our grandmother’s gingerbread before (see previous Thanksgiving post) but today, we are SO excited to talk about new ways we are planning to use her gingerbread recipe in the studio this year!

We’re going to give her recipe to you below (guess what, it is fail proof and easy as can be!) and this year, we are using her gingerbread to build little houses for our first ever Gingerbread House classes! We have a beginner level and intermediate level for kids ranging in age from two to 14 yrs.

We have been hard at work accumulating various items to use for decorations such as Hershey Chocolate squares for shutters and we’ve been practicing the perfect royal icing for detail and glue. We remember participating in the Gingerbread House competition at our elementary school when we were little and LOVED making our dream house (and of course eating it after). We have no idea who won but it was worth it regardless. We are looking forward to helping others create beautiful, funky, unique gingerbread houses that start with our dough!

If it isn’t already clear, we LOVE, LOVE this time of year and are ready to basically live at the studio. Wit that, we invite you to create at Little Art House with just your group of family or friends!  Beginning at $100/hr plus materials, the options are endless for private events in the studio or on the go.  Email us at if you’re interested to reserve a time and plan your project! A few examples of projects include simple acrylic paintings, encaustic painting, mixed media and collages, gingerbread houses, and more :)

Let’s not forget THIS SATURDAY’S A Hillsboro Village Holiday! Come make an ornament or two with us from 4-6pm, drop in for all ages and for Adults, we’ll have an Open House 6-7pm with beverages, and refreshments. Come chat with us and our artists about our offerings, processes or just enjoy a glass of wine and check out the studio!


December 8, 4-7pm

Businesses in the village are participating in various ways and we welcome families and friends to come by between 4:00-7:00 to explore. From deals and discounts, to free hot chocolate and face painting, to Santa at Fido’s, and crafts at Little Art House, Belmont Methodist Church, and the Dog and Donut, we have a bit of everything for all ages! It is a wonderful afternoon and we look forward to seeing you there!


Grandmother’s Gingerbread Recipe

  • 1/4 cup of warm water

  • 1 box of Betty Crocker Gingerbread Mix

Yep, that’s really it! Simple and easy and always cooks up just right :) Happy Baking!


Thanksgiving Traditions

Oh the smell of baking pies, the sound of crunching leaves, the warmth of a roaring fire, these are the senses we think of when we think of Thanksgiving. They say our sense of smell is the sense most closely connected to memories and that all it takes is a brief sniff of a scent to take you back in time to a specific memory. For us, we have many but one that stands out is the smell of salt- not salt for cooking or baking but the salt in our grandmother’s playdough recipe that she would make every year for us especially around the holidays.

Another strong scent is ginger from the baking of our families gingerbread cookies. To be honest, our grandmother and Leighton would bake these throughout the year since their cookie cutter collection was massive and even included mules for Mule Day cookies, but specifically the amount of cookies baked for Thanksgiving and Christmas turned our kitchens into warm, gingery spaces.

Beyond the smells of the holidays, we still have traditions that survive to this day even though we grow older and build our own mini families within our larger one. Thanksgiving for us has always been a time of conversation, togetherness, outdoor expeditions, bonfires, and food (lots of food). We spend the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day together with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents playing games and watching football.

Some years growing up, we would make the trip to beautiful Richmond, Virginia to visit my mom’s brother. We remember being snuggled in the back of our Volvo station wagon, driving the twelve hours overnight, falling asleep listening to our parents talk and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on tape. Other years we’d gather round our Papa’s bonfire in Columbia, TN with my dad’s side of the family and eat as many smores as we could stomach. With thirteen cousins and eight of us within four years of age of each other, we always had so much fun.

Now, for the first year ever, one of us “grandchildren” will be hosting Thanksgiving in Nashville and we are looking forward to adding new traditions to the agenda though quality conversations, games, and food will always remain on the docket. A tradition many families have, including our mom with her mom and sister, is to wake up and set out on Black Friday to snag the deals. While they get up and are often back before the rest of us have finished our breakfast, we have an even easier way to get our deals for this Thanksgiving week.

One day doesn’t seem big enough to us so we’re going big with deals starting Wednesday!  We hope you take a moment to hop online and see what might work for you and your family :) The winter months are long and we would love to bring some light and joy to your schedule with opportunities to create.

Below are all the deals we’ve got going on at from Wednesday, the 21st through Friday, the 23rd.  After your purchase, we’ll send you your gift card or discount by the end of November!

Winter Break Camps & Pop Up Classes

Purchase a Camp/Class and get a $20.00 Gift Card towards session III classes for 2019.

Session III Class Packs

Purchase Session III and get a $20.00 Gift Card for purchases over $100.00.

Adult Classes

Flash Sale: November 21-23, Buy one, Get your next one half off!

Thankful for All Our Little Turkeys!

We love having our little ones in our morning classes and our three to six year old Awesome Artists after school!  It’s such a joy to see them graduate to the next class and become independent young artists which they do fairly quickly since there are a few options once they turn three.  It is especially wonderful watching them grow with their classmates every week. They quickly learn the class schedule and know what to expect next in the routine and their interactions with fellow classmates are so precious too!  They become fast friends and with students coming from all areas of town and walks of life, it’s such a unique opportunity for them to get to know each other.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we thought we’d offer some Pop Up opportunities for those who may not be able to join class regularly!  Our morning classes are all “Grown Up and Me” style classes where the adult stays with the child and assists throughout the class. We have Creative Play on Monday and Mini Makers on Tuesday at 9am (both for 10mo-4yrs).  For those who may be trying it for the first time, Creative Play is FREE for first timers and is a student-led station-based type of class. You can choose which projects to work on or just hang on the sensory play mat - totally up to you!  For Mini Makers, this is a pre-registration class that normally meets each week. For this week, you can sign up for this single class and see how your little artist may do with a more structured class with a teacher led project and activities.

For those creators who are a little older (3-6yrs), we have Mini Camps Monday & Tuesday.  This is the perfect opportunity to drop off your more independent littles! You can knock out some of those to do’s on your list or just get some well deserved quiet time :)

We’ll have more camps & classes during Winter Break (December 27, 28 & January 3 & 4) for even more ages!  Also, if your schedule allows weekly classes in 2019, we’ll have Session III classes available soon along with some major Black Friday deals, so stay tuned!!!

Creating for the Holidays

Who else is confused how it is already November?? October literally flew by, as did September, and here we are on the brink of the holiday season. While it may have snuck up on us, we are ready! We filled our calendar with opportunities for everyone but we’re highlighting our grown ups for this post.  

We often put others first and sometimes forget that handmade gifts can mean more than purchased ones. When we were growing up, we would spend days working on handmade gifts for our friends and family. Leighton once hand collaged wooden hairbrushes for every friend and made paper cards are designed around the personality of each friend. Many of these friends have these little hair brushes today and the reason is obvious, it’s meaningful.

If you’ve been meaning to learn a new skill or if you are looking for a unique activity to spend time with loved ones, our November and December classes are for you! From watercolor to linoleum block printing, you can come and learn about new art making process.  We have an awesome miniature painting class which make a lovely holiday present. You can also join a class with A Village of Flowers to create your own floral arrangement for Thanksgiving or make a wreath to hang proudly on your door for the holidays :)

Ready to get creative this holiday season?  You can learn more about our upcoming adult classes HERE!  We also have lots of special holiday classes coming up for kids and family too!  

Installations in the Park 2018!

Raise a hand if you feel inspired by the cool, crisp air and crunchy leaves?! We know we do. There is something special about Fall (as there is with every season) and we like to celebrate it by celebrating the natural wonders of color that Fall presents us with.

Artist Andy Goldsworthy is a professional at finding beautiful trinkets in nature that he then weaves and integrates together to create temporary installations celebrating the natural world around us.  Brightly colored leaves, rust colored acorns, and metallic stones are some of the tools he uses to create his work. Taking inspiration from him, we venture each year to our adored local park, Fannie Mae Dees Park, to guide artists of all ages collect and create their own unique installation art. We bring blankets and bags for collecting as well as images of Andy Goldsworthy’s work to help spark ideas.

There are countless ways one can take a pile of sticks and transform them into a sculpture or mobile hanging from a tree.  We hope as we host this hour of artmaking, that we inspire others to stop and take in the beauty around them as well as remind people that artmaking doesn’t require a pencil, paper, or paintbrush but rather ingenuity, imagination, and drive.

We hope to see you at the park November 2nd, 3:30-4:30pm!  You can also join us after to creature artwork to take home :)  We’ll be creating with nature in the studio for a Family Friday from 4:30-5:30pm.  Only $5 to complete up to 3 different nature crafts!

Marla Faith and Meditative Art

When thinking about creating art, we usually focus on the end product of what we’re making. In our Meditative Art Class with Marla Faith, the focus is on the act of making and the calming qualities that can be harnessed for a new creative experience. Marla shares more about herself and the Meditative Class in the Q&A below!

What is your favorite medium for art? 

Collage/mixed media first choice! Then pencil and oil paint

What are your personal goals when creating?

To be a vessel for truth and beauty to flow through, to be fully authentic, and to balance color, form, and movement to create an engaging and meaningful composition

How did you come to combine meditation and creating?

 After I meditate, I’m in an open emptied quiet place that’s fresh and pure for creating. When teaching this method, student artists relax and get out of their own way so there is less self judgement and thinking, and they are able to trust their own creating.

How do you encourage others to find their "zen" or point of peace while creating?

Breathing! Gentle music and positive support, turning their work upside down, not being attached to outcome, and allowing oneself to disappear so the work can appear.

What is the end goal of a meditative art class? 

To be in a place of calm centeredness and trust, to create something that feels good to the student artist, to find joy and delight through what one has done, to be able to sustain that magical place in one’s daily life, and to want to do more of it!

** The first Meditative Art Class is OCTOBER 22ND, 1-3PM **

You can join for a class or make it part of your weekly routine to kick of each week with a fresh breath of calm, open-mindedness. Click below to sign up today!