Portfolio Building

Structured for Creative Freedom

Artists are often portrayed as messy, eccentric, edgy, and sometimes a little crazy.  Like many stereotypes, it may only encompass a few artists. Art classes draw a variety of personalities and artistic approaches.  Some people are detail-oriented perfectionists while others tend to wing it a little more. One of our pedagogical beliefs at Little Art House is that having structure allows for more creative freedom for all processes of creating.  

As the teacher, we try to think of as many choices, obstacles, and creative ideas as possible so we can present a project to students in a way that they can feel successful as they’re creating.  One of the best parts of teaching this way is when students are given space to imagine, explore, and create in their own process, we also learn of new ways to see, consider, and create as well.

For example, one of our classes that highlights this approach is our Portfolio Building Class.  In these classes, students in 3rd-5th Grade, Middle School, and High School are guided through creating their own individualized works of art.  Each new student begins by completing a survey to provide us with information about his or her personal interests for mediums and subject matters as well as any struggles or areas they’d like to tackle.  As AP and IB art teachers, we thrive in this setting and love the challenge of helping young artists determine their vision and hone their craft.

The structure behind our teaching process allows for each student to work in the direction that best suits where they are as an artist and a person.  Each time a student begins a new project, we discuss what medium or subject matter they’d like to try next and why. We encourage students to try new things and venture out of their comfort zones, or offer an idea where they are likely to find fun and success again if that’s more important.  It all depends on the student and their unique experiences and goals.

While each student is different, community-oriented artmaking really surpasses any variation in where they are artistically and personally, and tends to drive everyone regardless of skill level. We value that interaction between different ages and personalities. As we begin this school year, we look forward to meeting our new students, greeting our returning students, and beginning the school year rooted in creativity!

Portfolio Building Classes are available by Class Packs only and are limited to 6 kids a class!  If you'd like to try a class before Session I begins the week of September 10th, be sure to sign up for one or all the trial classes (August 20-September 7th).  You can purchase the trial class and/or the class pack here for 3rd-5th Grade and here for 6th-12th Grade :)  These are a few of our most popular classes so be sure to reserve your spot while there's still space!