Back to School

Back to School Excitement

Remember the smell of new pencils and paper? We do! And it doesn’t matter how old we get - that back-to-school feeling doesn’t go away. In the movie You’ve Got Mail, Meg Ryan exhibits exactly how we feel with presented with a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. While everyone else celebrates the new year on January 1, we, as teachers, mark the new year each August.  There is just something about new supplies and the opportunity for new experiences that gives us a giddy feeling about starting a new school year.

There’s an optimistic feeling of wonder with what the new year will bring.  New year, new grade, possibly new school, new peers or students, new teachers, and so on - there is a lot of promise in all that new stuff!  It is just as exciting coming off of an amazing summer of camps and classes filled with amazing kids, some old and some new to the studio. As adults, we see now that it is just as exciting for teachers and grown ups too. We can’t wait to see who’s going to be in our classes this year and greet new and old students alike!

A new school year is a fresh start with a clean room, organized lesson plans, and high energy. It’s the kick off to all the new holidays, sports and fun things to come this year. Routines are back and we get to develop deeper relationships with our students.  Though everyone has moments throughout the year where the next break or day off can’t arrive soon enough, nothing beats the back-to-school feeling.

As we wrap up camps over the next three weeks, we will be behind the scenes purchasing new supplies and making plans for our Fall classes. It is never too early to decide which class works best for you and your family and we hope you find a day and time that works for you. August 20th through September 7th are our “trial class” weeks and that is a perfect time to give a class a try.  

For those who know which class they’d like to join, Class Packs are currently available and begin the week of September 10th though we encourage you to purchase the trial classes that fit in your schedule as well when you are ready to start your school year routine. We understand that our schools run on different schedules and we wanted to give everyone a chance to ease into theirs. We are jumping with joy thinking about our new and old students coming in to get started and we hope we get to see you too!