Pawty in the Village!

Growing up, we were always surrounded by animals. We lived on 13 acres in the rural part of Columbia, TN and had plenty of dogs, cats, fish, and yes, even horses (our Papa’s favorite animal) around. This post is focused on the amazing relationship between humans and dogs though because these relationships were perhaps the most influential animal/human ones for us. We adopted our first dog when Boone, Emma, and I were about two, three, and four years old. We’ll never forget picking up our beautiful black and white furry Border Collie who was so tiny and sweet and our mom and dad turning back to us in the car and asking “so what’s her name?”. Us, being super creative, all somehow manage to say something like “Baby, because she’s our baby!”.  Being babies ourselves still, we thought it was brilliant. Later on we realized it was a bit cheesy but she did always remain our baby. After Baby, we had a couple of adorable, spunky dalmations (sweet Pawley and Tom Jones) and most recently our parents added Birdie, an English Setter with a beautiful brown and white coat, blue eyes, and the kindest disposition as well as Ollie, a fiesty maltipoo who thinks he is larger than us all.

             All of us kids are out of the house now and of course had to have pups of our own. Emma started the train by adopting her teeny little teacup poodle Charlotte, a curly, black haired four pound spitfire of a dog. Her personality was certainly bigger than her body and she was well loved, especially by her parents. She passed away in December of old age and as everyone knows, losing a pet is indescribable. After taking some time to grieve, Emma and Payton recently adopted a new baby girl Stella Blue!  Stella is also a small, black haired bundle of spunk but is a Pomeranian/Fiest mix (yes, just as entertaining as it sounds). This little nugget brings so much joy and is a cute, sassy ball of energy- just what we our family needed. Leighton, the one everyone voted least likely to adopt a pet long ago, adopted her border collie/spaniel mix Harding (there are debates on what she actually is ;)) five years ago in March. Those who have met this dog love her, all she wants in life is for every human to love her and she’ll do whatever it takes. Boone and his fiance have yet to adopt a pet but we consider them built in dogsitters so that is fine by us!

          It is obvious that we 1. LOVE our pets and 2. LOVE adoption. We have found that these pets needed us as much as we needed them and that by adopting, we were able to provide a safe and happy home for them when that wasn’t guaranteed otherwise. This is why we jumped on the idea of a neighborhood Adopt-a-Dog event when the idea was thrown out. YES, count us in! We will gladly support this idea!

         On May 4th, you can pop by Meet & Greet to make some free art with us, check out some adoptable dogs, and shop with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Nashville Humane Association. This event takes place from 10:00-2:00 and will be a full day of fun. Little Art House is personally sponsoring the adoption fees for a pup so if you’ve been looking, come and see if one whispers to you “take me home!” :)