A Different Kind of Family Time

As I’m sure you’ve heard, there are countless studies that show how eating dinner together as a family can directly influence a child’s success in life. Why is fairly simple - when we spend time with those we love, we can be inspired or pushed to be our best selves. When we were growing up, dad went in to work by 7:00am most days so that he could be home and at the dinner table by 5:30 (we loved to eat early :)). We never thought much about it until we realized that not everyone did that.

Looking back, it really did create a consistent opportunity for us to have conversations and discussions that otherwise might’ve not happened. As adults now, we see how important it is to have intentional time together and while the dinner table is a wonderful, daily opportunity to be together, we hope we have some opportunities for your family to spend time together at a different table!

We recently added a unique, creative opportunity to our class schedule called Family Masterpieces. Families of all ages and age ranges can come together to create on either one canvas together or on a series of canvases meant to be displayed as a diptych or triptych. Our first class of this nature, we watched as a mom created with her sons ages three and six years old and another father, mother, and ten year old daughter set. Both families approached the same concept in incredibly different ways but both canvases were beautiful in the end.  By using layers of drawing, collage, and painting, families can either design a concept and work together in creating a finished product or they can simple use colors, lines, and layers to freely create a more abstract work.

For the New Year, we approached the concept as a “New Year, New Dreams” concept and each family answered questions to help them dream up what they hope comes to fruition in 2019. These ideas were then embedded into their artwork and now hold as a reminder to what they hold dear during this time. For our next Family Masterpieces, we’ll lean into similar ideas but overall, the concept will always be about each other.  We hope you find a time to come and create with us in this unique way!