Party Time!

Alright parents, let’s talk. Birthdays should be a joyous, carefree celebration right? But how many of you have hosted a party and then looked around at the aftermath afterwards with your jaw on the floor? Kid’s birthdays are no doubt a ton of fun, but they can be a TON of work as well.

Good news! We can help with that! We absolutely love hosting birthdays in our space and have it down pat. We move from activity to activity and all you have to do is show up with whatever cake, cookie, or donut treat you like. Watching the kids create and celebrate brings us so much joy- they are enthusiastic and just so happy to have a room full of people celebrating them.

We get a kick out of planning each birthday completely to the birthday child’s interests and have yet to meet a theme we didn’t like. From Monster Trucks to Rainbow Unicorns, we accept any theme as a challenge to use our own creativity and ingenuity and are thrilled when little ones are proud of what they make. While we have our in studio parties locked down, we also love a trip outside of the studio to personal homes or other locations where we bring the creativity to the birthday kiddo! These are even more personalized and we do as much as we can to make it as easy as possible on the hosts including bringing a trash bag along :).

Perhaps one of the most fun additions to our (hopefully) easy birthday options is our Add-On party favor options. We recently partnered with Creative Crayon Workshop, a locally owned business in Columbia, TN, who design and create beautiful unique crayons to be given as gifts. We knew when we discovered Shannon’s designs, that this business was a natural fit with ours and these little party favors are just the cutest. From aprons to crayons, coloring books to our homemade playdough, we have something for every price range! As your child’s birthday approaches, we hope you consider choosing us to help you host. We would love to continue partying!