Love of Learning

What a weekend this will be! It is Valentine’s Day, always a day of love and generosity, and we are also embarking on our annual professional development trip- this year to Philadelphia. Last year, we took our first work trip and visited Paducah, KY. It became clear that we need to protect one weekend a year to set our goals and dreams while also seeking out inspiration.

It is incredibly important to us to keep learning and exploring, especially in the arts, and travel plays a big role in this desire to learn. We have been fortunate enough to be raised in a family that values travel and the two of us have traipsed through many countries and cities around the globe. As we continue to grow our studio, we want to be sure to bring fresh ideas in as often as we can and what better way is there to feel refreshed and energized with new ideas than to travel to find some?

As we plan on professional development in Philadelphia, we are balancing our time between organized art exploring like museums and galleries as well as simply walking around and letting the city inspire us. We’ll include plenty of work time, of course, as we determine what the next few months will hold at Little Art House as well as our hopes and dreams for this year. As we take this time to center ourselves and find some sparks of inspiration, we hope you find time as well!