A Fall Filled with Family Fun

The first semester has always been a favorite.  In addition to a new school year, new students, and renewed energy and excitement, there’s football, holidays, leaves changing and cooler weather.  We have so many opportunities for families to celebrate fall, and we can’t wait to get started!

For our football fans, we’ve got our first Family Friday Fun with Sheri Bailey!   Perfect for a father/daughter night or the whole family! We’ll be painting decorative door hangers, which will include predrilled holes and the jute or wire to hang them. Artist can incorporate colors of their favorite team along with various embellishments like ribbon and more!

Marla Faith will be leading a family class once a month on Fridays for Storytelling & Artmaking.   The series kicks off with The Quiltmaker’s Gift with mandala making on September 28. Next, we will read Golden Goose King and create flying birds on October 19.  We’ll be painting elephants on November 9 after reading The Elephant and 7 Blind Mice.  In the last class in December, we’ll create tissue paper beach collages and read Eric Carle’s A Home for Hermit Crab.

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re excited for another Funky Pumpkins class! Instead of carving, we’ll be painting, bejeweling, and adding other decorations to our pumpkins to create any type of pumpkin you have in mind!  Also in the spooky spirit, we’ll have another mask-making extravaganza towards the end of October.

Taking full advantage of the seasonal change in nature, we are excited to have our annual Free Creating in the Park inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.  We’ll be meeting in Fannie Mae Park to hunt down natural materials, such as colorful leaves, sticks to create patterns and lines, rocks, acorns, and more!  All of these materials can be manipulated to create an installation in nature to be admired by all who enjoy the park :)

The next few months are filled with family fun and we’ll continue to add more creative opportunities for all throughout this year’s holiday season!  Just head over to our calendar to see what we’re up to each weekend. Some of the classes are pre-register only so be sure to check out our calendar on the website!