Keeping Young at Heart & Mind

You know that feeling when you accomplish something you didn’t think you could? Even a time when there wasn’t anything you couldn’t do?  As we get older, it seems like opportunities to feel that way are less and less but really we are just choosing to take fewer risks with trying new things.  

We received an email the other day from a lovely lady who was asking about watercolor classes.  She mentioned her age, 70, and jokingly stated that she hopefully wasn’t too old to take a class. The answer is, of course not!  Our grandmother, who is 86, instilled many things in us but one phrase we can never shake from our brains is “never stop learning.”  Every time we talk to grandmother, we learn more about our family and history (she has the most amazing memory), and we also are reminded that we need to intentionally incorporate opportunities to learn as every day and year passes by more quickly.  

There is something so intimidating when thinking about what else you’d like to learn to do in life.  We are always so impressed by the adults who sign up for a class and come in because they are actually doing it, they are intentionally picking something they’d like to learn about and they show up.  It’s inspiring and gives us a little boost of motivation each time.

For both of us, we have a few things on our lists we’d like to learn more about and the more we see other’s taking that risk, watch them make connections and feel successful, the closer we get to tackling something on our list.  Perhaps this year will be the year Leighton actually signs up for tennis lessons and Emma learns how to successfully grow a garden. Better yet, perhaps we jump in on more classes on our schedule to create with you all!

To those who are brave, who sign up and show up, we thank you. For those thinking about it, we are with you.  Maybe like our brave kids attending school every day, we as adults should take on this Fall with a goal of trying something new.

We have offerings for Adults for beginners through intermediate skills and in all mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, printmaking, calligraphy and more! As always, please contact us if you’re looking for something specific that you can’t find on our offerings. We’re always looking for new ideas for classes!