Labor of Love

Remember thinking about what you wanted to be when you grow up?  For us it changed almost annually - astronaut, President of the United States, ballerina,  lawyer, playwright, singer. We covered almost everything. We never imagined being art teachers (though we pretended to be teachers growing up), and certainly not business owners.  


Luckily, we were encouraged to continue taking courses based on our interests.  After we graduated with majors in studio art, our parents encouraged us to get graduate degrees in education so, even if we wanted to pursue life as artists, we could teach to support ourselves too.  Little did we know, we would be end up being incredibly passionate about teaching too!

Getting into the business side of things was not as obvious or straight forward.  We are lucky enough to be in an age where we can think outside the box and create a business. We were also super fortunate to meet people along that way that led us to the University School of Nashville where we got our start. Then we met Larry & Robin who became our first landlords on Music Row and believed in our vision.  When we looked at our current space in Hillsboro Village, we went in to Arcade Kids and asked the owner Genie (whom we had never met) if she thought we’d be a good fit. She wholeheartedly said yes and with that spark of enthusiasm we worked hard to move in. It doesn’t hurt that we also live in a city with a booming creative community that we hope we add to daily.   Keeping it simple and starting small gave us the ability to learn as we grow. As we continue to grow, we recognize the real reason Little Art House exists is all the amazing kids, adults and families who continue to create with us and the eclectic, beautiful team of people we have working with us. We wouldn’t be here without all of you who value and crave the arts as much as we do :)

It means more than you know to have such strong support over the past couple years as we continue to grow, learn and strive for better.   We hope everyone has had a great transition into the school year and is enjoying the Labor Day weekend. Be sure to use LABOROFLOVE for 10% orders of $100 or more 9/10-9/11 at midnight.