Trial Classes vs. Class Pack

Our parents always encouraged us to explore our interests.  Though they did require us to finish what we started each year, we were allowed to try something new if we wanted to.  From horseback riding to basketball, from cheerleading to mock trial, from dancing to even a beauty pageant, nothing was off limits.  It is with that adventurous and exploratory spirit that we wanted to give the opportunity to those looking to try out one of our classes before committing to the 6-wk class pack!

From August 20th  to September 7th, we will have our regular classes available at the Class Pack price but you can come to one or more of them!  Of course, you’re welcome to come to all 3 as well :) This way, you can see which class is the best fit for you and your family’s schedule.

Trial Classes will be the same as our Class Pack classes in structure.  Mini Makers is a great for siblings and our youngest artists (10mo-4yrs).  After free draw, we read a book, and create a multi-step project based off of the book’s visuals or concept.  At the end of class, students get to move to the mat for sensory play. In Petite Painters, 2-3yrs, students also read a book after free draw and complete a more complex project that takes most of the class.  The end of class is a sensory bin or playdough at the table. For both Mini Makers and Petite Painters, an adult accompanies the artists.

We have many after school options such as our Awesome Artists, ages 3-5yrs., where we typically read a book and create a project or two based off of an aspect of the book.  With Explorers and Creators, we lead students through projects that incorporate various mediums, art history, art elements and principles of design. The goal in these courses is to have a balance of education, success and art making exploration for our elementary and middle school aged students.  Our Portfolio Building Classes (Middle & High School as well as 3rd-5th Grade) are semi-private lessons, with max of 6 students and each student working on individualized projects to building personal portfolios. The teacher gets to know the students’ interests, abilities and goals so they can have more personalized success.

We are excited to be able to offer trial classes this year.  However, if you know your little artist wants to take weekly classes, go ahead and purchase the Class Pack to reserve your seat before it fills up.  You can also purchase all 3 of the trial classes to begin your weekly routine before the class packs begin!