Finding Joy in the Practice

We’ve all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect.”  In response, we’ve all said “Yeah, right.” In fact, that idea can be down right discouraging.  Regardless, it is a phrase most everyone has heard for one thing or another and many times it’s something you might be struggling with in the first place.  With a little adjustment, we do still believe in the idea of practice but not necessarily perfection. For us, it’s about finding joy in the practice.

On our survey to learn about students’ interests and goals with artmaking, we ask what tends to be the most frustrating when creating art.  Almost always, the number one answer is, “What’s in my head doesn’t get to the paper.” We still ask, nonetheless, because it feels good to begin with that recognition.  It also starts the conversation to understand that everyone feels that way sometimes when making art, even talented or successful artists. This is something we also recognize in our adult classes.

It’s a common misconception that being an artist is one of those talents that you either have it or you don’t and we strongly believe in the fact that, though some may have a natural talent to draw or mix colors, everyone really can be an artist.  The process just may look different than expected.

It’s always a joy to watch as adults let go of the need for perfection and just enjoy the process.  This could mean creating within a community is the peak of joy or, for others, it may just be about learning something new, even if the end product isn’t “exactly right” in that class.  Regardless of which way you lean or the combo of both, we have so many offerings ready for you to enjoy this fall!


Our weekly for those under 18 years old are designed to offer students the opportunity to practice in a fun and safe environment.  Progress looks different for everyone but it’s the consistent practice that really reveals great results over months of weekly classes with our kids!

We learned from our own experiences over the past couple of years, and this year’s fall schedule has turned out to be great one!  With new classes, great teachers, and thoughtful lesson plans, we hope all our artists will find the classes that work for them.