Planning Ahead!

When we first started Little Art House, we thought we knew how to plan. After teaching for so many years, we would plan lessons and curriculums months in advance - even our whole school year plan - without stressing at all.  It was second nature and part of the joy of teaching as dreaming up the projects and how they can be well rounded and help our students be successful.  With that, we thought we could handle putting classes on a calendar and some special events but, boy, were we naive!

Over the last year and a half, we have been schooled in the business world’s version of planning ahead.  We were placing classes on the calendar about a month or two in advance, and then would wonder why the numbers were low.  We quickly realized that people, including us, like to know their options months in advance. This is why, after a year and a half of trying to plan/teach every day and run the behind-the-scenes planning, we decided to hire our brilliant summer teachers so we could finally get ahead of the game.  Between that dedicated time for planning and having learned some pros and cons of class structure along the way, we finally did it!  Our August-October classes for kids and adults are on the books!


We are thrilled with the classes we have lined up in the coming months.  For our younger artists, we have our Creative Play, Mini Makers, and Petite Painters back on the docket but with a few more sections.  We are bringing back the talented and wonderful Kacey Valezquez to teach music on Mondays (Mini Musicians and Petite Players) as well as a combination class of art and music on Fridays with our new Artistic Musicians.  We have no doubts that these classes will be a hit!  For our school age kiddos, we are bringing back our after school offerings for ages three to eighteen. We have added more sections of Middle and High School Portfolio Building due to high demand (snag a spot while you can!) and have kept our popular classes for 3-6 years, 2nd-4th graders, middle schoolers, and 3rd-5th grade portfolio. We are hoping to include some home school options as well so be sure to reach out if that interests you!

For adults, we are super proud of the artists we have on the team and the wonderful work that they do.  Our classes span multiple mediums and skill levels so we truly believe there is something for everyone.  We welcome those who are looking to create within a community and those interested in staying curious through lifelong learning as well as those looking for both!  

While we are having a blast this summer with our camps, we are very excited about about our upcoming Fall schedule. We hope you find something that excites you as well and that we see you in the studio soon!