Introducing OUR DAD!


       We spend plenty of time talking about our sister bond and our mom since we are all teachers and artists. But, in the spirit of Father’s Day, we cannot forget the leading man in our pack - our dad (or as we call him Diddy).  He may not be an “artist” in the literal sense, but he is certainly creative and he has been a primary teacher in our lives. While he’s a lawyer by day, he is also our teacher, trusted advisor, contract reader, and so much more.

      We were lucky to have such an exceptional dad who prioritized us in every way. He still does and would do anything for us, but we have such strong memories of him that we now see were total and complete gifts that not everyone has. For example, throughout our entire childhood, Dad came home for dinner by 5:30 every single night of the week like clockwork. He made sure to head in early on busy days to be home by dinnertime and though his job required occasional travel, we don’t remember him being gone for more than a night or two at a time. We can still hear his specific footsteps bounding up the stairs two at a time to come tuck us in. On Saturdays, dad would scoop us up in our PJs and take us to get donuts (such a thrill!) and to visit our cousins.  We absolutely loved it, and we’re sure mom enjoyed the break! When we went on our big family vacations, cousins and all, our dad was always the one playing with us in the waves, on boogie boards, playing other games. Even when we tired of an swimming, he’d stay until the last of us was done and would body surf back to the beach on a wave with a huge smile. As adults, he is still the most likely to get a game or activity started when we’re on vacation or home for the holidays.

      While he is fun, which is a great personality trait, his other qualities are where we truly lucked out.  Perhaps the two words that stand out to describe dad are dependable and faithful. We knew with every paper we wrote, test we took, or idea we’ve described that he would listen, think on it (or read it), and provide clear, dependable feedback.  Not everything we’ve done or idea we’ve had has been amazing but he seems to always find a way to give feedback that is positive and encouraging. When we started brainstorming the idea of Little Art House, he first listened, than confirmed and encouraged our idea, and then set about writing a to-do list of things to consider which we definitely needed.  As we looked for our first location and than our second, he answered almost daily calls and went with us on site visits as a third pair of eyes and ears. When we received the lease for our current location, he thought it was excessively intense but heard us exclaim that it was important, so, lo and behold, a couple of months later the kinks were worked out and we have him to thank for it.  This is that dependable trait - we can depend on him to tell us the truth and stick by us no matter what. His faith is threefold, and shown by his intense commitment to his community of Columbia, Tennessee, his service to the Presbyterian Church, and, most of all, his faith in his family. We never once felt that we couldn’t do something or go somewhere or be someone because of him. He has always had faith in our choices and our goals.

    We could go on and on but for now, we want to end on this note. It is such a gift to get a little wiser as you get older. We are in this lucky position where we are old enough to realize how amazing our parents are and still have time to tell them and spend time with them. For us, we plan on making sure our dad knows how much we love him this Father’s Day and everyday, especially when we head back to the beach for the Fourth of July where we anticipate playing games, riding waves, and maybe still making a dribble castle or two :). Happy Father’s Day, Diddy, we LOVE you!