Creating Space in You Life to be Creative

It’s funny how structure can provide space to be creative.  It seems almost counterintuitive but it’s the best way to be as creative as possible.  If you have a plan for certain areas of your life or schedule, you have more mental space for being creative.

Mark Zuckerberg was onto something with wearing a hoodie every day almost as a uniform.  We tend to eat the same thing for lunch all week so that’s one less thing to think about.  In our classes, we have a general structure for class so we can think of more amazing projects and processes for our students.  

With all the moving parts of an adult’s schedule - taking care of the kids, fixing dinner, exercising, working, and the list goes on - it’s important to save some space for whatever creative process feeds your well being.  For some it may be gardening, music, or baking, but for us it’s visual art! We try to offer a variety of art making processes for both kids and adults so there is something for all levels.

Our lineups for May and June are already amazing, and we’ve added some fun options to really celebrate the summer season,  like Family Friday Tie Dye! Our newest teachers, Elisabeth Braswell and Rachel Pritchett, are offering even more variety for watercolor painting.  The regular teachers are back as well, including Modern Calligraphy class with Molly, Acrylic Skyline Painting class with Douglas, and more!  We (Emma and Leighton) are also getting back into the teaching mode with adults with Linoleum Block and Encasutic Painting classes!  If there’s ever a time to carve out art making time in your schedule, this is it! We’d love to create with you this summer!