Rembrandt, the Copycat

In our art classes, we hear young students complain and say “so-and-so copied me!”  Our response is often that copying is one of the highest compliments someone can give you, which is true.  However, it can also be a great tool for learning new art making techniques or spark ideas.

Many prominent artists over the years have used copying to learn studied and honored techniques. Rembrandt, for instance, was one of those artists.  There is currently an exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles that highlights all of Rembrandt’s studies of Indian artists who predated him. The exhibit was awesome! These works were not his best or most exciting, but rather, a way to see how he learned and studied other artists’ techniques to grow his own skills. The goal of these studies are that you take that inspiration and transform or apply the technique to create your own new, original work of art.

As creators, we fully understand and support all legal and ethical guidelines for protecting intellectual property.  At Little Art House, we follow up with the compliment statement we give our kiddos with encouragement and guidance to take that initial “copy” and to continue working and adapting the work to reflect their own creative process.

As we kicked off our final class pack of the school year this week, we’re already having a blast. We are excited to finish up the year with our students, both new and now tenured, that have learned to imagine, explore, and create with us.  We welcome everyone to join in as we finish out the school year strong and gear up for summer camps!

Are you new to Little Art House?  Feel free to join for a trial class to see what our weekly classes are like!  If you’d like to join for the remaining classes, we can always figure that out after your trial class :)  We hope you create with us soon!