We Heart Creative Communities!

Want to know a secret? There have been years where neither one of us has picked up a paintbrush to paint for pleasure.  As owners of an art studio, one would think we could carve out time to create but life gets busy, it’s too hard, the dog ate my paintbrush, etc.  The list goes on with reasons and excuses as to why we have taken hiatuses.

It is challenging to put time aside to create and even more challenging to save the brain space for it, which is why creating within a community is so important.  Our classes, for both children and adults, have reminded us about the power of support.  Watching others imagine, explore, and create in our space has become an inspiration for us.  It is amazing to see what happens in our classes, and the encouragement our students provide each other.  

The routine is admirable and make us so happy to see.  Artists of all ages consistently choose to come create with us, and part of what drives that desire is seeing their artist friends in class.  We have watched friendships develop and participated in wonderful conversations that might not have happened if the class wasn’t there.

Our goal is constantly to support and encourage imagination, exploration and creativity.  After teaching and participating with classes for almost a year in our new space, we have also learned how important it is to create with others for inspiration, motivation and overall camaraderie.  We hope to continue to offer a variety of classes for all of our artists to enjoy together for years to come!