Art Making for All Ages

While we were growing up, our parents always encouraged Leighton and me to do what we love and follow our interests.  Like many kids, we changed our minds about that constantly.  Who knew exploring all the choices available to us would lead us to own and manage a business together?  

Little Art House is truly a family business: run by sisters and inspired by our mom.  Teaching is in our blood and that’s what we pursued for years while teaching art in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.  After we both gained experience teaching art outside the classroom setting, we found a whole new way for connecting, teaching and learning within our community.  We believe that art is for everyone so our mission is to empower and educate the artist in everyone.  

Little Art House is unique because we offer consistent, personalized instruction to artists of all ages who are curious about art, and looking for opportunities to learn and be inspired.  We keep our classes small because, as Matisse says, “Creativity takes courage” and we want to honor the spirit of risk-taking to create by providing a safe, personalized space.  When we dive into the creative process by imagining, exploring, and creating, we open ourselves up to vulnerabilities and discoveries.  The creative process is praised, encouraged, and nurtured at Little Art House so we can all continue to improve our art making and problem solving skills while enjoying our creative community.