Grateful for 2018!! We're ringing in 2019 with NEW Session III Schedule and Adult Classes

Looking back at 2018, we could not be more grateful and filled to the brim with full hearts and creative souls.  This is all due to our fellow artists and creatives who help make Little Art House possible. This year, we experienced quite a few growth spurts: increasing our team from a handful of teachers to over 20, running simultaneous summer camps in the studio and at other schools, participating in wonderful events in our neighborhood (including a Hillsboro Village Holiday and the Fannie Mae Dees Park Dragon Reveal to name a couple) and Leighton is even the lead for the neighborhood group of local businesses!

All that amazingness doesn’t even include the joy we’ve experienced in the studio.  We loved adding classes for homeschooled kiddos during the mid-afternoon. So much so, we’re adding a couple more for Session III!  We’ll have an Explorers class for 5th-8th grade on Wednesdays from 1-2pm and additional section of K-3rd on Fridays too! Same goes for Petite Painters (new class on Mondays & additional section on Tuesdays).  Another class that is always exciting and rewarding (for the student & the teacher) is our Portfolio Building class. We’re adding another section to Thursdays in Session III as well as bringing back our K-2nd class, Courageous Creatives, on Thursdays as well!  Check out our line up here!

On top of that, we’ve revamped our Adult Classes a little bit too!  We have single classes or class series, which include 2-4 classes. They are designated respectively on our Adults Page and you can easily view the medium you’ll be working with from our new look for 2019 :)

In these past few months, we’ve had a number of private events which is another exciting new avenue for creating in the studio!  Form corporate events, family get-togethers, or just a few friends who want some quality time together, we loved planning each and every event just for to be exactly what they wanted.  You may not have a full plan or idea but that’s what we’re here for! If your interested in having some creative time in the studio with friends, family or co-work ers, simply email us and we can plan it together!  Our only limit is scheduling, so the earlier the better for working out your event :)