Family Art for the New Year!

We realized we had a uniquely creative upbringing when we started sharing with others all of the activities our mom designed such as hand drawn coloring sheets personalized to our interests. Looking back, we think “HOW did she do that with three kids only one year apart?” and are in awe of her ability to multi-task.

We strongly remember a coloring sheet that had to do with dinosaurs and how much fun it was to color that in. We have several other examples but perhaps what really mattered most from these activities and moments is that she was creating for and WITH us.

She’d show us how to color in a different way or how to rearrange a collage or how to add different details as we grew up. Our dad created with us in a very different way through writing, but we have strong memories of working with him as well and all of these memories are positive. With this idea of creating together in mind, we wanted to develop an opportunity for other families to do so - not only a family-friendly event but also one that is designed to give the artists a project they can proudly display afterwards.

We are excited to introduce our new Family Art classes where families of all age ranges can come together to create on a single canvas or multiple canvases intended to be displayed as diptychs or triptychs. These projects will be abstract mixed media pieces using paint, drawing mediums such as oil pastel and pen, and paper, and created through layers over an hour or two depending on the ages of the participants. We highly encourage whole families to create together much like sitting down to the dinner table together.

You may not feel like you have a creative bone in your body but if you can move your fingers, we can help you create something beautiful together! To start, we have our first opportunity to take this class on December 29th and this first class will be guided as an opportunity to design a work of art either to remember 2018 by or a work of art with dreams for 2019. We will guide you through the planning and implementing of each layer and help you along the way. We hope to see you soon!

AND have you heard about our create your own class option??  If you have some kiddos who are antsy to get out of the house, or family in town and looking for something fun to do together, we’ve got you covered - let’s create at the studio! You can choose what you’d like to do or we can help you come up with a project :)