Thankful for All Our Little Turkeys!

We love having our little ones in our morning classes and our three to six year old Awesome Artists after school!  It’s such a joy to see them graduate to the next class and become independent young artists which they do fairly quickly since there are a few options once they turn three.  It is especially wonderful watching them grow with their classmates every week. They quickly learn the class schedule and know what to expect next in the routine and their interactions with fellow classmates are so precious too!  They become fast friends and with students coming from all areas of town and walks of life, it’s such a unique opportunity for them to get to know each other.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we thought we’d offer some Pop Up opportunities for those who may not be able to join class regularly!  Our morning classes are all “Grown Up and Me” style classes where the adult stays with the child and assists throughout the class. We have Creative Play on Monday and Mini Makers on Tuesday at 9am (both for 10mo-4yrs).  For those who may be trying it for the first time, Creative Play is FREE for first timers and is a student-led station-based type of class. You can choose which projects to work on or just hang on the sensory play mat - totally up to you!  For Mini Makers, this is a pre-registration class that normally meets each week. For this week, you can sign up for this single class and see how your little artist may do with a more structured class with a teacher led project and activities.

For those creators who are a little older (3-6yrs), we have Mini Camps Monday & Tuesday.  This is the perfect opportunity to drop off your more independent littles! You can knock out some of those to do’s on your list or just get some well deserved quiet time :)

We’ll have more camps & classes during Winter Break (December 27, 28 & January 3 & 4) for even more ages!  Also, if your schedule allows weekly classes in 2019, we’ll have Session III classes available soon along with some major Black Friday deals, so stay tuned!!!