Ideas for Creating At Home

With Fall Break coming up, we wanted to give some fun ideas for projects to do at home!  These are easy, mostly mess-free, and can be done with materials you likely already have at home.

For a quick way to tackle boredom, write ideas for drawings on popsicle sticks (you can even have the kids make some up too)!  Kiddos will have fun selecting one to spark their imaginations. The challenge is to finish all of the various drawings!

Another easy at-home project is inspired by Matisse.  For kids practicing with scissors, you can draw shapes on construction paper that they can cut out.  After coloring or painting the background, kids can glue their shapes to the background to create a collage like Matisse!

For the rainy days when it’s not possible to draw with chalk on the sidewalk, try painting with it on paper!  You can dip and draw with chalk to make it more malleable, or you can color on the paper and use a brush with water to spread it around like paint!  You can even have fun with mixing the colors to see what you get :) This is a great project for kiddos of any age!

2018-06-18 Little Art House-Arcade-Little Icons 44.jpg

If you try any of these at home, we’d love to see how it goes.  We believe art making and creativity can be one of the best way to bust boredom slumps.  If your kiddos need some fun outside of the house, we have Pop Up Art Classes & Camps for Fall Break as well!  You can see our choices on our Kids Camps page :)