Installations in the Park 2018!

Raise a hand if you feel inspired by the cool, crisp air and crunchy leaves?! We know we do. There is something special about Fall (as there is with every season) and we like to celebrate it by celebrating the natural wonders of color that Fall presents us with.

Artist Andy Goldsworthy is a professional at finding beautiful trinkets in nature that he then weaves and integrates together to create temporary installations celebrating the natural world around us.  Brightly colored leaves, rust colored acorns, and metallic stones are some of the tools he uses to create his work. Taking inspiration from him, we venture each year to our adored local park, Fannie Mae Dees Park, to guide artists of all ages collect and create their own unique installation art. We bring blankets and bags for collecting as well as images of Andy Goldsworthy’s work to help spark ideas.

There are countless ways one can take a pile of sticks and transform them into a sculpture or mobile hanging from a tree.  We hope as we host this hour of artmaking, that we inspire others to stop and take in the beauty around them as well as remind people that artmaking doesn’t require a pencil, paper, or paintbrush but rather ingenuity, imagination, and drive.

We hope to see you at the park November 2nd, 3:30-4:30pm!  You can also join us after to creature artwork to take home :)  We’ll be creating with nature in the studio for a Family Friday from 4:30-5:30pm.  Only $5 to complete up to 3 different nature crafts!