Marla Faith and Meditative Art

When thinking about creating art, we usually focus on the end product of what we’re making. In our Meditative Art Class with Marla Faith, the focus is on the act of making and the calming qualities that can be harnessed for a new creative experience. Marla shares more about herself and the Meditative Class in the Q&A below!

What is your favorite medium for art? 

Collage/mixed media first choice! Then pencil and oil paint

What are your personal goals when creating?

To be a vessel for truth and beauty to flow through, to be fully authentic, and to balance color, form, and movement to create an engaging and meaningful composition

How did you come to combine meditation and creating?

 After I meditate, I’m in an open emptied quiet place that’s fresh and pure for creating. When teaching this method, student artists relax and get out of their own way so there is less self judgement and thinking, and they are able to trust their own creating.

How do you encourage others to find their "zen" or point of peace while creating?

Breathing! Gentle music and positive support, turning their work upside down, not being attached to outcome, and allowing oneself to disappear so the work can appear.

What is the end goal of a meditative art class? 

To be in a place of calm centeredness and trust, to create something that feels good to the student artist, to find joy and delight through what one has done, to be able to sustain that magical place in one’s daily life, and to want to do more of it!

** The first Meditative Art Class is OCTOBER 22ND, 1-3PM **

You can join for a class or make it part of your weekly routine to kick of each week with a fresh breath of calm, open-mindedness. Click below to sign up today!