Creating Together Throughout History

Artists are often perceived as lonely and alienated, the madman/woman painting away furiously in their attic studio. The stigma is that they need space to brood up ideas and time alone to make masterpieces. While this can be true to some extent, many if not majority of the greatest artists in history preferred community to isolation while pursuing their artistic endeavors.

Picture Paris in the early 1900’s, many of the most notorious and prolific artists from that time period from Picasso to Marc Chagall lived near each other and frequented many of the same restaurants, salons, and even each others’ studios.  Many documented conversations illustrate the importance of community in artmaking, they needed to bounce ideas off of each other and whether they actually liked each other or fully supported each other’s artmaking is irrelevant, it is the conversation and encouragement that came from these interactions that attributed to each of their successes.

When we began designing our Fall semester at Little Art House, we intentionally decided to include artmaking opportunities for adults that centers around this idea of community and creating together. We wanted to be sure to offer classes for those looking to learn something new and meet like-minded adults or for those looking to meet new people and have a different night out than the usual, a break from everyday life if you will. We are proud of the teachers we have working with us who are enthusiastic about their art and greatly enjoy imparting their wisdom with others.

We hope when you attend a class that you feel supported, relaxed, and that you leave having had fun and making a few connections with others.  Whether you are a beginner or experienced, there are a variety of medium and levels to choose from throughout Fall!

* Adult Classes through December are available as well as Session II Class Packs For Morning & After School Classes *