Fall Break & Artober 2019!

October is one of those months that just feels full of promise. Maybe it’s the fact that the holidays are around the corner but not here yet or that it gets cooler but it isn’t freezing yet (or in Tennessee’s case, it hopefully is at least not brutally hot) but somehow, it is one of the best months of the year- at least in our opinion! The art world caught on and a few years ago someone invented Artober- a month to celebrate all of the arts and boy is it fun. We recently learned of Inktober as well, another play on the idea, and we do our best to include opportunities to create with pen and ink throughout the month while also providing creative opportunities for everyone to create in general. We have free events like our Andy Goldsworthy inspired “Installations in the Park” event that will be the last Friday of October this year and with Nashville’s Tinkergarten group, as well as discounted and specialty events. Also that last weekend, we have joined in with Plaza Art Supply Store for their Hands on Creativity weekend which is full of artist demonstrations and chances for kids to learn about different types of art as well as adults. 

          We have filled our calendar with opportunities to create and are already so excited to create with all sorts of people, kids, and families! It just so happens that October also has Fall Break included and we always take a moment to include camps during both MNPS’s break and the general private school break. For ages 3 and up, we have camps for all ages and it’s such a fun way to spend a school break if you’re in town. While our regular classes are on hold for two weeks, we wanted to be sure to have something for everyone so be sure to check out the calendar and see what might work for you or your family!

Pawty in the Village!

               Growing up, we were always surrounded by animals. We lived on 13 acres in the rural part of Columbia, TN and had plenty of dogs, cats, fish, and yes, even horses (our Papa’s favorite animal) around. This post is focused on the amazing relationship between humans and dogs though because these relationships were perhaps the most influential animal/human ones for us. We adopted our first dog when Boone, Emma, and I were about two, three, and four years old. We’ll never forget picking up our beautiful black and white furry Border Collie who was so tiny and sweet and our mom and dad turning back to us in the car and asking “so what’s her name?”. Us, being super creative, all somehow manage to say something like “Baby, because she’s our baby!”.  Being babies ourselves still, we thought it was brilliant. Later on we realized it was a bit cheesy but she did always remain our baby. After Baby, we had a couple of adorable, spunky dalmations (sweet Pawley and Tom Jones) and most recently our parents added Birdie, an English Setter with a beautiful brown and white coat, blue eyes, and the kindest disposition as well as Ollie, a fiesty maltipoo who thinks he is larger than us all.

              All of us kids are out of the house now and of course had to have pups of our own. Emma started the train by adopting her teeny little teacup poodle Charlotte, a curly, black haired four pound spitfire of a dog. Her personality was certainly bigger than her body and she was well loved, especially by her parents. She passed away in December of old age and as everyone knows, losing a pet is indescribable. After taking some time to grieve, Emma and Payton recently adopted a new baby girl Stella Blue!  Stella is also a small, black haired bundle of spunk but is a Pomeranian/Fiest mix (yes, just as entertaining as it sounds). This little nugget brings so much joy and is a cute, sassy ball of energy- just what we our family needed. Leighton, the one everyone voted least likely to adopt a pet long ago, adopted her border collie/spaniel mix Harding (there are debates on what she actually is ;)) five years ago in March. Those who have met this dog love her, all she wants in life is for every human to love her and she’ll do whatever it takes. Boone and his fiance have yet to adopt a pet but we consider them built in dogsitters so that is fine by us!

           It is obvious that we 1. LOVE our pets and 2. LOVE adoption. We have found that these pets needed us as much as we needed them and that by adopting, we were able to provide a safe and happy home for them when that wasn’t guaranteed otherwise. This is why we jumped on the idea of a neighborhood Adopt-a-Dog event when the idea was thrown out. YES, count us in! We will gladly support this idea! 

          On September 21st, you can pop by Meet & Greet to make some free art with us, check out some adoptable dogs, and shop with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Nashville Humane Association. This event takes place from 10:00-2:00 and will be a full day of fun. Little Art House is personally sponsoring the adoption fees for a pup so if you’ve been looking, come and see if one whispers to you “take me home!” :)

Fun at the Farmer's Market

Fresh air, fresh flowers, and fresh food- sounds like a dream right? We are so lucky that Nashville has several Farmer’s Markets and especially lucky that one is right around the corner in 12 South! It’s like a party every week with music, food, entertainment in addition to all the produce and locally sourced goods :)  Emma lives walking distance (as does our brother) so we find ourselves there often enjoying the live music and buying plenty of fresh items all the time.

From May to October, the 12 South Farmer’s Market happens every Tuesday from 4:00-7:00pm in Sevier Park and also incorporates a few festivals like Peach Fest (June 25th), Back-to-School Fest (August 6th), Food & Arts Fest (September 17th) and Halloween Harvest Fest (October 29th).  It’s a perfect spot for families and friends to hang out and even for a pre-date visit.  This market continues to grow and more offerings are there every week.

We are thrilled to host an art making station at the 12 South Farmer’s Market every Tuesday!  We’ll be crafting from 4-6pm until when we move to our extended summer hours of 4-7pm, May 28 - August 6.  From August 13 through October, we’ll be back at our regular 4-6pm time.

For $5 a participant, kiddos ages 1+  can create with various materials and mediums each week. These projects will be easy and fun for everyone and we are already having fun planning away. We hope to see y’all there and also in the studio this summer! If you want to come weekly, you can purchase a 12th S Farmers Market Pass here so you can just show up each time and get straight to creating!

* Please note * the season pass in on our new software, Wellness Living, which we will be launching site wide May 28! If you have any questions about it, please email us create@littlearthousenashville.com

Creating More Space for More Creating!

Woohoo! We’re adding a second studio which means more classes, larger Creative Plays, and bigger birthdays!!  We are THRILLED to acquire our second studio space on Acklen Avenue! This enables us to continue to grow and spread out the love for our kids, families, and adults to have the best possible experiences they can.  April 13th will be a BIG celebration day and after that, some classes and birthdays will be moved to the new space known as Little Art House, Studio B. Below is our schedule for April 13th, we hope you can make it!

APRIL 13th: Open House in Studio B!

9:00 and 10:00am: Creative Play Sessions!

11:15-12:00: Drop In Art Class for 4-8 Yr Olds (parents are welcome to stay and check out the space)

1:00-2:00: Drop In Art Class for 9-13 Yr Olds (parents are welcome to stay and check out the space)

4:00-5:30: Open House to meet our Adult Teachers! Snacks and beverages provided as well as displays of our artists’ amazing work and more information about what they teach.

After this fabulous day, we will move all Creative Play sections to Studio B as well as our 11:15 Drop In Class on Saturday.  In Studio A, we will add some Saturday afternoon Drop In options once birthdays are moved to Studio B! This means, every Saturday we should have something for you and your family to come in and create.  

Birthdays- we now will have a morning option in Studio A for small parties, we encourage our littlest ones (2-3 yr olds) to book these while they are available! The party time is from 10:00-11:30 but for our littlest ones we host one hour parties :). In Studio B, we have our two afternoon times still available but they now can host slightly larger parties!  Yay! We have plenty of information on these options and are happy to fill you in, just shoot us a Birthday Inquiry form here!

Let’s talk SUMMER ADDITIONS!  We created our summer schedule before we finalized the expansion but now we are officially add some more options! We have added more K-2nd camps and every other week, you can sign up your creator for both a morning AND afternoon session and we will host them for the hour inbetween for a lunch and play break (a.k.a. It’s a full day option!).  We also have added 3rd-6th Grade Portfolio Camps in the weeks in between the regular 3rd-6th Grade Camps. In sum, we have something for every age allllll summer long and we would love to have your kiddo! We do not require full week purchases and you can register as close as 48 hours before the camp/class (though the later you wait, the greater the chance the camp is sold out :)).  We are a great option for families who have planned out their summer and those who are waiting to see how it all shakes out.

We would not be able to expand without all of our amazing families and friends supporting us and continuing to come create with us so a HUGE thank you to you all!!  We look forward to seeing you this Spring and Summer (and hopefully for years to come) in BOTH Studio A and B in Hillsboro Village!

Spring Break: Fun for All Ages

It’s Spring Break time!!  This always reminds us that we’re close to summer time which is SO exciting.  We’re three-quarters of the way through the school year and are now have one more break before the final stretch.  For those who are traveling, have fun, be safe, and remember to take your sketchbook! Some of our favorite memories are from sketching on the road :)

If you’re sticking around for you Spring Break, enjoy some time off, rest up, and come create with us!  In addition to playing outside, watching an occasional VHS, we created a lot during our spring breaks - lots of playdough, coloring, and painting.  As always, we want to offer a space for your kiddos to do the same with other friends too!

We have K-2nd Camps in the morning, extended classes for Portfolio Building in the afternoons, and a mix of Mini Camps & Mini Makers/Petite Painters!  Below is our full schedule for Spring Break and for those planning ahead, check out our Summer Camp options too :)

Spring Break 2019

March 11-15 & March 18-22

Monday-Friday // 9am-12pm,  K-2nd Camp

March 11, 13, 15, 19, & 21 // 1:00-3:00PM,  Portfolio Building, 7th-12th Grade

March 12, 14, 18, 20, & 22 // 1:00-3:00PM, Portfolio Building, 3rd-6th Grade

Mondays // 3:15-4pm, Mini Makers

Wednesdays // 4:15-5pm, Petite Painters

Tuesdays & Thursdays // 3:30-5pm, Mini Camp, 3-5yrs

Summer Break 2019

Adults, we’ve got classes for you during our SB2019!


DRAWING ALL LEVELS with Emma Bradford


Offering Our Services

We talk a lot about our family and the various beliefs they have instilled in us. One important aspect of our lives and therefore our business is the importance of being involved in our local community. From the beginning, we knew that giving back and being an accessible resource to those of all incomes and avenues was non-negotiable. Beyond offering a gift card for silent auctions, we are in a unique position to be able to offer our services to nonprofit organizations and other community events as often as we can.

When we opened our original location, we hosted a paint night with Big Brothers & Big Sisters pretty much immediately and continue to offer a class for the pairs once every three months. We also hosted the Preston Taylor Ministries to host a night of painting with mentors & mentees. Both of these organizations provide invaluable opportunities for the youth of Nashville to find inspiration and support from an older peer. Last May,  we partnered with the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt to help launch the first annual Haute in the Hospital, which this year has become the Kids in Nashville Lab Coat Project. This event raises awareness of the amazing work done daily in the hospital and is continuing to grow into a collaborative, multi-day event that incompasses both patients, hospital works, families, artists, and more.

Over the holidays this year, we made a craft for the Crieve Hall Christmas Tree lighting, helped organize and participate in A HIllsboro Village Holiday, and  we also hosted a craft table at the Chinese New Year in Hillsboro Village. In addition to our other classes, we’ve added opportunities for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to request private classes to complete their badges.

Each non-profit class we host is offered at a discounted price.  If you are a non-profit organization in the area and would like to apply for a private class or request a craft for your event, please let us know! You can complete a few questions here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can :)

Party Time!

Alright parents, let’s talk. Birthdays should be a joyous, carefree celebration right? But how many of you have hosted a party and then looked around at the aftermath afterwards with your jaw on the floor? Kid’s birthdays are no doubt a ton of fun, but they can be a TON of work as well.

Good news! We can help with that! We absolutely love hosting birthdays in our space and have it down pat. We move from activity to activity and all you have to do is show up with whatever cake, cookie, or donut treat you like. Watching the kids create and celebrate brings us so much joy- they are enthusiastic and just so happy to have a room full of people celebrating them.

We get a kick out of planning each birthday completely to the birthday child’s interests and have yet to meet a theme we didn’t like. From Monster Trucks to Rainbow Unicorns, we accept any theme as a challenge to use our own creativity and ingenuity and are thrilled when little ones are proud of what they make. While we have our in studio parties locked down, we also love a trip outside of the studio to personal homes or other locations where we bring the creativity to the birthday kiddo! These are even more personalized and we do as much as we can to make it as easy as possible on the hosts including bringing a trash bag along :).

Perhaps one of the most fun additions to our (hopefully) easy birthday options is our Add-On party favor options. We recently partnered with Creative Crayon Workshop, a locally owned business in Columbia, TN, who design and create beautiful unique crayons to be given as gifts. We knew when we discovered Shannon’s designs, that this business was a natural fit with ours and these little party favors are just the cutest. From aprons to crayons, coloring books to our homemade playdough, we have something for every price range! As your child’s birthday approaches, we hope you consider choosing us to help you host. We would love to continue partying!

Love of Learning

What a weekend this will be! It is Valentine’s Day, always a day of love and generosity, and we are also embarking on our annual professional development trip- this year to Philadelphia. Last year, we took our first work trip and visited Paducah, KY. It became clear that we need to protect one weekend a year to set our goals and dreams while also seeking out inspiration.

It is incredibly important to us to keep learning and exploring, especially in the arts, and travel plays a big role in this desire to learn. We have been fortunate enough to be raised in a family that values travel and the two of us have traipsed through many countries and cities around the globe. As we continue to grow our studio, we want to be sure to bring fresh ideas in as often as we can and what better way is there to feel refreshed and energized with new ideas than to travel to find some?

As we plan on professional development in Philadelphia, we are balancing our time between organized art exploring like museums and galleries as well as simply walking around and letting the city inspire us. We’ll include plenty of work time, of course, as we determine what the next few months will hold at Little Art House as well as our hopes and dreams for this year. As we take this time to center ourselves and find some sparks of inspiration, we hope you find time as well!

A Different Kind of Family Time

As I’m sure you’ve heard, there are countless studies that show how eating dinner together as a family can directly influence a child’s success in life. Why is fairly simple - when we spend time with those we love, we can be inspired or pushed to be our best selves. When we were growing up, dad went in to work by 7:00am most days so that he could be home and at the dinner table by 5:30 (we loved to eat early :)). We never thought much about it until we realized that not everyone did that.

Looking back, it really did create a consistent opportunity for us to have conversations and discussions that otherwise might’ve not happened. As adults now, we see how important it is to have intentional time together and while the dinner table is a wonderful, daily opportunity to be together, we hope we have some opportunities for your family to spend time together at a different table!

We recently added a unique, creative opportunity to our class schedule called Family Masterpieces. Families of all ages and age ranges can come together to create on either one canvas together or on a series of canvases meant to be displayed as a diptych or triptych. Our first class of this nature, we watched as a mom created with her sons ages three and six years old and another father, mother, and ten year old daughter set. Both families approached the same concept in incredibly different ways but both canvases were beautiful in the end.  By using layers of drawing, collage, and painting, families can either design a concept and work together in creating a finished product or they can simple use colors, lines, and layers to freely create a more abstract work.

For the New Year, we approached the concept as a “New Year, New Dreams” concept and each family answered questions to help them dream up what they hope comes to fruition in 2019. These ideas were then embedded into their artwork and now hold as a reminder to what they hold dear during this time. For our next Family Masterpieces, we’ll lean into similar ideas but overall, the concept will always be about each other.  We hope you find a time to come and create with us in this unique way!

New Year Celebrations and Resolutions Continue!

We’re continuing our new year celebrations & resolutions into February this year!  Between the Chinese Arts Alliance heading up the Chinese New Year Celebration and our offerings for adults with the University School of Nashville, we have a busy few weeks!

Beginning with the Chinese New Year Celebration in Hillsboro Village, we’re looking forward to more new year fun February 9th, from 12-3pm!   You are welcome to join and to meet us at the Vanderbilt University Corner Park, between 21 Ave. and Blakemore Ave. for some fun. There will be professional jugglers, Chinese dance, music & songs, Chinese Yo-Yo, Chinese naming, arts & crafts for children, bamboo dance, martial arts, Chinese language students’ presentations in addition to the traditional Chinese lion dance and dragon dance.  For our arts & crafts option, we’ll provide a dragon puppet base that you can color, and decorate to have your own dancing dragon! Around 2:00pm, you can join in on the Dragon Parade that goes up and down Hillsboro Road!

Continuing our resolutions for being brave and keeping up with some self-care, we’ve got lots of classes coming up at USN.  This is by far one of our favorite partnerships as the classes help raise money for education and encouraging lifelong learning in adults.  These classes are on USN’s campus with more than half of the proceeds going to support USN. We’d love to see you in one of these classes!

THURS, 2/7, Lino Cuts with Emma Bradford

MON 2/11, Drawing 101 with Emma Bradford

MON 2/25, Fluid Watercolor with Elizabeth Braswell

MON 3/4, Acrylic Landscapes with Elizabeth Braswell