We LOVE to celebrate birthdays!!!

LET'S PARTY! We want to help you celebrate a BIRTHDAY! We customize each party for the birthday kiddo and handle everything besides the cake :). We LOVE celebrating these special days and hope to celebrate with you!

Due to our super limited space, here is what you need to know before inquiring about pricing and availability!

2-3 Yr Olds: Max 8 participants, Min. 5 participants. No more than two adults per child requested. Party time is 1 hour. **If the participants will be a variety of ages (for example, a family party with kiddos ages 2-8 yrs), we can sometimes accommodate more participants.

4-5 Yr Olds: Max 12 participants, Min. 6 Participants. No more than one adult per child requested. Party time is either 1 hour or 1.5 hours (depends on the guests’ ages and parent preferences!). **Starting mid-April, we will have an option for slightly larger parties of max 16 participants.

6 Yr Olds and Up: Max 16 participants, Min. 8 participants. Drop Off highly encouraged. Party is 1.5 hours. **Starting Mid-April, we will have an option for slightly larger parties of a max of 18 participants.

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Please click all that you would be open to :) **ACTUAL LENGTH OF PARTY depends on the age of the birthday child and participants
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To inquire about dates, times, and pricing,  please complete and submit this inquiry form. We will then respond with options and prices followed by the deposit date once a date/time is agreed upon!

**NOTE: We ask that you inquire about a birthday at least TWO weeks in advance of the desired party date.

Thank you for your information, we will be in touch soon with availability and options!